In order to choose that right in the rich offer of various manufacturers and materials, it is best to be informed about their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

l Enamelled cookware will be used for cooking and storing food for a long time if you use and maintain it properly. The enamel is sensitive to impact, so it will damage and will not suffer sudden changes in temperature. If the empty container is overheated, do not overflow it with cold water, but let it cool down slightly. Dispose of damaged containers because cooking in them is not safe. l Cooking in earthenware is considered very healthy. Heat the new bowl and grease the grease inside. Let it stand for a few hours, then wash it with lukewarm water and use it as you please. After each use, wash the dish with lukewarm water, never detergent, and dry it well. l Do not place the refractory container directly from the refrigerator to the stove. After use, wash well thoroughly.

l In a bowl of gush, i.e. Raw iron, do not prepare sour food because there are chemical reactions. This dishes are quite difficult, but proved to be indispensable for storing meat dishes. Gus is easy to rust and clean dishes with kitchen paper, hot water without detergent. If there is any deposit in the bowl, simmer it with salt and dry thoroughly. l Although the inox containers are top-notch, it is not recommended to store food in them for longer. And the smallest scratch can give a “metal” taste. Even when it is top-notch, this cookware should not be rubbed with wire. For many, inox cookware is the best choice. l Teflon cookware is healthy if it is not damaged. As soon as it gets damaged, replace it. Mix the yams exclusively with wooden cookers.

Spring is the right time to enjoy walks and excursions, but also in grilled dishes. The advantages are multiple: food preparation is practical and quick, and it is also a chance to socialize with friends and stay in nature. On the grill, everything can be prepared: meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, and cheese, and with all of this, the most important thing is not to have a great culinary skill to prepare the grill.

It’s important to know how to choose the type of dishes that best suits your food preparation, then handle it properly, and recognize when the dishes are no longer for use Improving the taste of the food we are preparing depends heavily on the quality of the dishes in which we cook, bake, fry … What is more important, utensils also affect human health. Have you ever thought that you only drink one bottle of plastic bottle more than water? Have you ever noticed that the food that is standing longer in plastic containers takes on the taste of plastic? The reason for this is the interaction between the food ions and the plastic ion. Therefore, when buying sherpa, pan, plate and other dishes, pay attention to their reactivity. A simple definition of reactivity would be similar to this: reactivity is the tendency of a compound to react chemically with other substances or with itself, releasing energy.

Food and dishes can interact with each other, and this is affected by temperature. Fatty and sour foods and water react with the dishes much faster. For example, ordinary rice is not so reactive, but the rice cooked with oil, tomato and vinegar can get side by side faster.